Carpet Cleaning Services


AF&M Inc.

General Dry Bonnet Carpet Cleaning with our own Carbonated Formula (AF-13)

Our Specials are:

  • 2 rooms/hall ($79.95) up to 400sqf for room’s 100sf hall
  • 3 rooms/hall ($99.95) up to 600sqf for room’s 100sf hall

Our Deep Cleaning service is for Heavily Soiled Carpet and Commercial Carpet. All Deep Cleaning Comes with (AF-13), S&G, Deodorizer and extracted with a RotoVac 360i.

Atlas Annual Service Contract includes AF-13 Deodorizer and Scotch Guard. First cleaning with Service Contract is always a Deep Cleaning with MicroBan Sanitizer/Deodorizer.:

  • Commercial carpet cleaning: Free Estimates
  • Residential carpet cleaning: Free Estimates

IICRC Certified